And The Waiting Game Begins

Things have been going well lately. I’ll start with last Tuesday. That morning I found out that I was selected to be an Orientation Advisor for Summer 2014. I was nervous because I’m graduating and there were required dates that land in the fall. However, I’m super excited to be embarking on this journey and gaining a different experience. I also had a lunch/interview meeting with my NUFP mentor, Sam. It was really good just chatting and getting to know each other. There are so many similarities between us that I truly believe that I’ve found the perfect person to help me through this process. I honestly couldn’t do it without him.

That same day, I went to Houston to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with my family. I hadn’t been spent time at home since May so it was good catching up with everyone. It was extra special since it was probably the last Thanksgiving I will spend at home for the next two years. I played with my nephew, went to happy hour with my older siblings for the first time, and saw The Best Man Holiday with my family. It was a restful break. However, I didn’t expect to be triggered as many times as I was by comments my family would say. A year ago, those comments wouldn’t have bothered me, but this year it was shocking. There is definitely a need for social justice education with my family.

I returned to Austin on Saturday since my mom, grandmother, and sister left for a cruise. It hit me though that I had only 2 weeks before grad school applications started to be due. It’s some scary stuff. On Sunday I relaxed for the most part. I worked on and submitted my application to Loyola University Chicago. It is currently my #3 school. It has two of the major things that I want from a program. I can see myself enjoying my time there.

Today has been the busiest day ever as well as an expensive day. I turned in my recommendation release form, my official acceptance letter for OA, and had my transcripts sent to four of the five grad programs I’m applying to. That was $40 alone. I also completed and submitted my application for the University of Vermont which was another $40. I then completed and submitted my assistantship application. I expressed interest to be an Assistant Residence Director (the position I really want), a First Year Experience Coordinator, a New Student Orientation Coordinator, a Community and Leadership Development Coordinator, and a Living/Learning Leadership Coordinator. Each position is different and offer different experiences. I can see myself doing well in any of them even though I’m really hoping to attain an ARD position.

This process is teaching me some valuable lessons. Lesson #1 is find out what you really want. I really have had to look inward and see what Ronnie wants to gain. Lesson #2 is the reassurance that what’s meant to be will be. I can only do my best to achieve my goals, but what is supposed to happen will happen and I can’t control that.

I plan on finishing up the rest of my application this week and then all that will be left to do is wait and pray. As of right now, UVM and Loyola are out of my control. By the end of the week, Colorado State, Western Illinois and UT will be out of my control as well. I just got to keep reminding myself not to stress. I can’t change anything. Pray for me! Send me well wishes. Whatever you do. I can you it.

No stress. No stress. No stress.


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