Decisions To Come

This grad school ride is an emotional roller coaster. You’re excited. You’re scared. You’re anxious. You’re flustered. You’re in a daze. My experience has been all of that and more. But through all of that, I know that I’m going to end up in the school I’m supposed to be at and doing the thing that I love. 

DISCLAIMER: This post will start off sad/emotional and will end very happily!

So over the weekend I received two official rejection letters: one from UVM which I was expecting and one from Loyola University Chicago. Upon receiving some advice from a mentor, I decided to reach out to those programs and ask for constructive feedback on my applications. Colorado State was very good about it. They told me what they noticed about my application and that they thought I’d be a great fit for their program, BUT at this time they wanted someone with broader experience. Many of the people they invited for their interviews have already completed their undergrad degrees and have been working for the past year or two. This was fine with me to hear. Now Loyola was far more cryptic. They gave very generalized answers about what they were looking for so this left me a bit indifferent. Now UVM. I acquired about UVM and Dr. Manning wants to talk with me on the phone about why I wasn’t accepted. This is causing me anxiety. UVM was my number 1 choice school, but I didn’t get it. I tailored everything to their program, but still didn’t get it. Oddly enough, I wasn’t crushed by not getting in when I first heard it. BUT I don’t know if hearing why I didn’t get in will cause the same reaction. I have this feeling that if I hear why from the director of their HESA programs mouth in a phone conversation I will be an emotional wreck. I’ve worked really hard on being ok and I feel like this conversation could change that OK into distraught. I still have time to inform Dr. Manning if and when I’d be free for the conversation so I’ll seek some advice soon.


So I love being an OA! We’re bonding so much! On Friday, a bunch of us went saw the movie FROZEN! It was so good! I totally want Olaf! Saturday a few of us went to see the movie HER. That movie was good but awkward. And then I finished off the night at a Great Gatsby themed Murder Mystery. That was so much fun. My OA committee is also pretty awesome! We got some great ideas and some great team members. But the best news came to me tonight! I got into UT’s College and University Student Personnel Administration Master’s Program! I’m super excited! Last semester when I was applying, I had talked with two current grads in the program and they’ve said nothing but amazing things. I also got to attend a class last semester. Now to think that I could be at UT next year IN the program. In the beginning, UT was my if I couldn’t go anywhere else I’ll stay at UT school. But now thinking about it, I actually want to attend UT! I would really love being a Graduate Hall Coordinator here especially for my hall this year. There is still so much good I can do for this community if I had more time. I know I could make an even bigger difference if I were. The only thing is that some things would take some adjusting. I would essentially go from being a peer to a supervisor for some of the returners on my staff. I would also have to differentiate what I do with some of my friends that will still be RAs on other staffs. I can definitely do it, it would just take a few adjustments. I love all the HCs so getting to see them from the view of an equal would be pretty awesome. I’d also love to work with Orientation as their GA. I love being an OA thus far and could really enjoy being the GA for NSS.

All I know is that in the near future, after preview/interview days for both WIU and UT, I’m going to have to make a tough and life changing decision. Whatever I choose will be the best decision for me! I’m ready!


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