This week has been really good so far. I saw Catching Fire with OA’s on Thursday, had our OA Mixer on Friday, hung out with some OA’s on Saturday night (after spending a majority of the day alone to recharge) and my chapter had a successful induction. I even have a new little. 

In the Student Affairs world, I’m simply gearing up for my interviews on February 28th at UT and WIU on March 4-6th. I met with the area manager for the Jester Area and he gave me lots of really good tips about the types of questions that are likely to be asked (in terms of subject matter). He also told me to take that list and write down examples from personal experience that will fit each area. Many of the people who are interviewing for the same positions I am have been Resident Assistants/Advisors and Orientation Advisors/Leaders before and have probably been doing them for far longer than I have. I have to find a way to set myself apart from others. I have another meeting next week so it will be fun.

As far as NUFP goes, I got the official outline for my research project and I kinda love it. It has clear deadlines for me to follow which is necessary because my Blue/Orange combination makes me a huge procrastinator. Though I never miss a deadline. I’m really excited to see what I find and how it will all turn out. I’m crazy interested in identity development especially when it comes to the QPOC community. I already know that this project is going to be extremely fulfilling and entertaining. Shoutout to my wonderful mentor, Sam, for making sure the guidelines were clear.

So the reason this post is titled the way it is comes from a post that a friend and fellow NUFP posted today on Facebook. She said that this blog is the most on-point blog about what it’s like to be a pre-SA grad going through the process. I never expected to receive any praise for this blog. I use this blog as a method of self-care most of the time. It’s a stress reliever for me. Sort of like an online journal. I simply share my thoughts and feelings about going through this process. For me, it’s been an emotional roller coaster. On that same post, another person commented that they feel like they know me through my blog. They even said that they felt worse about my rejections than they did their own. I was beyond touched. I never expected this blog to touch people the way it has. People are relating to my words. I always thought I would reach people through my music. That’s how I relate most of the time: to the lyrics of songs. Words have power and I am humbled by the fact that my words are touching others. My words are helping people get through. And the fact that I’m simply being myself! My intentions were to write my thoughts, but the impact is something more and greater.

To all of the readers who relate to my words, I truly appreciate you! THANK YOU!


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