It’s Almost Here

This journey has gotten crazier and crazier and NOW it’s finally getting real. This week I start my interviews for assistantships. Part of me feels prepared and another part of me is absolutely terrified. I am one of the least competitive people I know and now I have to make myself stand out and outshine others for assistantships. I have to prove that I am the best. This definitely isn’t my nature. I’m more of a “can’t we all get a position” type person. Everything I’ve gotten in the past, I’ve gotten by simply being myself. I plan on doing the same during these assistantship interviews, but I don’t know if that is going to be enough. There are people with a ton more experience than I have and I just want to get something.

So this Friday, I have my UT College & University Student Personnel Administration preview day. It is pretty much an all day affair. It starts at 8:30am and end with an after social at 5pm! I’m really excited and nervous about this day because I already attend UT. I have no idea what they are going to throw at me. Word spreads fast and I have no idea what the people interviewing will have heard or would be expecting in terms of me. I did decide that Reslife was not going to be my top choice because I feel like there wouldn’t be enough difference in experience for me if I stayed with it. I still have a ton of friends who will be RAs and I’d still be working with RA training, selection, attending staff meetings and all. It’s be like I was an RA again though I wouldn’t be. It’d also make for awkward situations when I’d want to hang out with some of my closest friends who are still RAs. Instead, I’m looking at several positions in the Dean of Students office. I’m hoping to make a good impression and get an offer.


The following week, on March 4th, I fly out to Macomb, Illinois for CSP DAYS 2014!!! I’m super excited about that. Western Illinois was my #2 choice of all the schools I applied for and I’m happy to say that I know one proud Leatherneck through UT! Throughout this entire process, members of their CSP department have be incredibly helpful and I’m really hoping to get into their program. During my time there, I will have an academic interview as well as assistantship interviews. I’m hoping to rock both of them. I’m hoping that it is a good fit for me. Yes, I’m terrified about the interviews, but I’m even more terrified about how small Macomb and WIU are compared to anywhere I’ve been before. The school has less than 14,000 students. That isn’t even half of the size of UT. UT even has a bigger population than the city/town! I’ve always wondered what the small town experience would be like, but this is all becoming so real. I’ll see how it feels when I fly out.


These interview/preview days have my mind going crazy. I’m excited for them, but there is also the whole “what if” factor playing through my brain. What if I don’t get an assistantship? or What if neither school feels right? or what if I make the wrong decision in the end? I know I’m getting ahead of myself, but I just want things to turn out well. Like I said before, I’m not a competitive person, but I feel like I’m competing against other highly qualified individuals for so few spots and positions. It’s nerve-wracking. Only time will tell what will happen. Hopefully I hear back during or after Spring Break! I honestly don’t know how I’m going to make that decision though.

Who knows what will happen?


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