Love Knows No Gender

Aiden Sky Grey had the perfect life. He had great friends, was the captain of the football team, was class president, was a member of the school’s scholastic decathlon team, and was ranked in the top 5 of the class. He had it all, but he didn’t have the one thing he wanted most, the perfect girlfriend. With all of his achievements, Aiden could never find the right girl for him. 

One day, after having his senior conference with his guidance counselor about his college plans, Aiden arrived to his AP Chemistry class late. It just so happens that this was the day that everyone would pick their lab partners for the semester. Everyone was paired up by the time he got to class, but the one person everyone simply referred to as “The Queer”. Aiden immediately pleaded with his classmates to switch partners with him, but they all refused. He was stuck. The teacher then assigned a major project that would be due at the end of the semester. This would mean that Aiden and “The Queer” would not only after work together in class, but also outside of school. Aiden was terrified.

It was the first day that Aiden and “The Queer” planned on meeting to work on their project. They met at a local Starbucks. “The Queer” arrived early, but the reluctant Aiden arrived late. He wasn’t a homophobe, but really didn’t want to work with the school’s weirdo. Aiden asked, “So what information did you collect on the effects of Arsenic, Queerdo?”
“The Queer” replied, “My name is Helia, and I thought you were supposed to be the overachiever.”
“What is that supposed to mean,” asked Aiden.
“It means that you wouldn’t even be here if your perfect GPA wasn’t on the line. Only reason you’re even my lab partner is because you were late to class.”
“Why am I even bothering talking to you, Queerdo? What kind of fairy name is Helia, anyway? I’m out of here.” Aiden and Helia both stormed off in different directions.

The next day, they both begged their teacher to let them do the project on their own as individuals, but she threatened to flunk them both if they didn’t work out their issues. They both agreed to meet at the library after school. This time, however, Aiden was the one to arrive early. As Helia strolled in late, Aiden said, “Where were you? You were supposed to be here an hour ago.” Helia replied, “Calm down. I had to take care of something important.” “If you were out smoking with your friends then we’re going to have…” “Hold up, Mister! Do you think that just because I’m gay I do drugs? You couldn’t be any further from the truth. Come with me.”

“Where,” asked Aiden. “Just grab your stuff and come on.” Aiden grabbed his belonging and follow Helia to a shelter. “Well Mr. Overachiever, this is where I was. I’m a volunteer here. Everyone who lives here is gay and homeless. Most of them were kicked out by their parents because of it.” In aw, Aiden said, “But they are just kids.” “I know,” replied Helia. “So now do you want to get started”? “Yeah sure, Helia,” Aiden responded. Helia smiled.

The next day a few of the football players were harassing Helia in the hallway. Just then, Aiden walked by and broke it up. He told the other football players that if they didn’t leave Helia alone that he would tell the coach about how they had been skipping the math classes by saying that they had early football practice. At that moment, Helia’s eyes became fixated on his hero. “Do you still want to meet at my house to work on the project, Aiden,” asked a love struck Helia. “Sure Helia, just as long as your parents are home.” “They will be there” Aiden arrived to Helia house. His mom opened the door. “You must be Aiden,” said Helia’s mom. “Yes ma’am. I am Aiden.” “Helia is upstairs in his room. It’s the second door on the left.” “Ok thank you, ma’am.” Aiden knocked on Helia’s door. “Come in,” cried Helia. Aiden opened the door, “Hi Helia.” “Oh My God! Aiden, I wasn’t expecting you for another hour.” “Sorry.” When Aiden had opened the door he found Helia lying on his bed in nothing but basketball shorts and socks. Aiden walked towards the window and said, “So what did you find”? “Aiden come sit on the bed. I don’t bite plus my laptop needs to charge so you have to come over here any way.” Aiden creeps over to and sits on the bed hesitantly. “Look at this I found an article about a woman using arsenic to kill a man so he wouldn’t leave her.” Aiden never looked at the computer screen. Somehow it seems that Aiden’s eyes were glued to the body of the shirtless Helia. “Aiden, Aiden? Hello?” Out of nowhere Aiden kissed Helia. Aiden then frantically grabbed his things and left.

For about the next week or two, Aiden tried to avoid Helia as much as possible. But before long the deadline for their project drew near and they had to meet in order to prepare their presentation. Helia decided that since Aiden wouldn’t return to his house, he would go over to Aiden’s place. Helia knocked on the front door. Aiden’s sister answered the door. “What do you want, Queerdo?” “Is Aiden home? We have a chemistry presentation tomorrow.” “He’s in his room straight upstairs. Aiden, Queerdo is on his way up.” Helia opened the door. “What do you want,” asked Aiden? “We need to talk about our presentation tomorrow and about what happened.” “Well we can talk about the presentation, but what happened was a total mistake.” “Really, well I couldn’t tell because you couldn’t keep your eyes off of me. Why did it look like you were so into it? Into me?” “I don’t know, but I do know that I’m NOT gay.” “Really?” “Yeah really.” “Then why in all four years that we have been in school together you have never had a girlfriend? Let me guess, you haven’t found the right? Right? You will never find the right girl. And I know because I felt the spark between us that night.” “I don’t want to be gay.” “It’s ok. There is nothing you can about it. You can’t help who you love because love doesn’t care about gender.” Aiden kissed Helia once again. “So how about we start on the presentation,” asked Aiden.

Written December 9th, 2009


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