Thunder’s Roar

Thunder roared. “Murderer,” screamed Angel. Breyden slowly crept away from his victim inching closer and closer to the door. His clothes drenched in blood. He stared at the result of his actions, of his rage. “What have I done?” thought Breyden. “I didn’t mean to…it wasn’t supposed to happen like this.” His body began to twitch as he stared at the blood on his hands. Angel crawled to the body of her  brother. “How could you kill your best friend? You bastard!” Angel grabbed the body in her arms and rocked back and forth. Breyden turned away. “Don’t you dare! He was your best friend and you killed him. You think that I’m just going to let you get away with it,” Angel lamented. She let go of her brother’s body, grabbed a knife and glared at the man responsible for her distress. Breyden turned to face his accuser. Breyden’s voice began to quiver. “I didn’t mean to…” “Liar!” interrupted Angel. “You murdered him in cold blood. Your eyes were always green when it came to Drew. I guess you got tired of always being second best.” “Shut up!” Breyden hoisted Angel off her feet and slung her across the marble counter top into the cabinets above the stove. Flustered and terrified, Breyden escaped from the scene.

Thunder roared. Gusts of wind blew. Torrents of rain fell. Breyden ran as fast as he could to get away from his mistake. He continued until he reached his apartment. He unlocked the door, showered, changed out of his now scarlet colored clothing, and planned his escape. Breyden grabbed a bag, filled it with some clothes, a couple bottles of water, his diary and some cash. He picked up the car keys from the table. Just before he walked out door, he saw it; the picture of him and Drew from the Fourth of July barbeque the year before. He shut the door, hopped in the car, and drove off in an attempt to get as far away as he could. Breyden stopped for gas and headed for the old wooden bridge to leave town. Cops were all over it. “Damn! What will I do now?” Breyden thought to himself. Then he remember there was an old dirt road that lead north through the woods. He and Drew had stumbled upon it while camping.

As Breyden arrived at the road, he heard a pop and the car began to swerve. Arrows perfectly positioned in each of his rear tires. Breyden hopped out of the car. “What the fuck?” says Breyden. Another arrow shot, but barely missed Breyden.. Breyden searched for the source of the fire. He squinted and saw a figure maneuvering its way in the trees. An arrow fired grazing Breyden’s brow. The attacker finally revealed herself. “I told you that you wouldn’t get away with killing my brother,” Angel stated. “Buh bum buh bum” the sound of Breyden’s heart rapidly increasing. “You’re alive?” “Why wouldn’t I be? You didn’t kill me, just knocked me out. But I am definitely going to kill you.” “I didn’t mean to. I told Drew to back off and he wouldn’t. He knew about my anger issues. He was my best friend. I would’ve done anything for him, but what he wanted from me I couldn’t do. He wanted me to get angry…to kill him.” “Lies! He was only 22. He still had a life to live until you took it from him and from me. You killed him because you wanted what he had…a future,” Angel refuted. “A future? Drew didn’t tell you, did he? Drew was dying, slowly and painfully. He wanted an end that was quick and easy. He wanted to die while he still looked normal. He made his request. I told him no. He forced my hand when he attacked me with the knife. I defended myself and in the end he got what he wanted.” “You son of a bitch.” Angel shot another arrow. Breyden dropped to the ground. He reached into his coat pocket and grabbed an envelope with Angel’s name on it. Angel snatched the letter from Breyden’s hand. She fell to the ground and screamed. Breyden whispered “Forgive me.” His eyes went cold. Thunder roared and lightning struck.

written June 2012


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