There is power in going Greek!

The crest of Delta Lambda Phi Social Fraternity! #1986 #LambdaMen

Between yesterday and tonight I’ve seen that power in full effect. Last night, one of my closest friends, Ms. Tia Mecole Scott, crossed over as a Sophisticated Lady of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. She went through her process SO1O and definitely TURNT UP! I, personally, know that she had been nervous and thinking about her decision to go greek for a long time and I’m so happy that she took that step. Ever since she crossed, there is a new light in her eyes. She is truly a FINER WOMAN and incredibly DOVELY! 

The Dovely Tia Scott and myself after her probate!

Tonight was extremely special for me. It was my last major event as an active member of the Beta Rho Chapter of Delta Lambda Phi Social Fraternity. I got to see many of the brothers from over the years including one of our Founders, a former president, 3 of my pledge brothers, and all 3 of my littles were in the same room for the first time ever. We ate food, had a slide show to recap the year, and gave out awards. To end the night, we had speeches. The first speech was given by Br. David Jimenez, III, a chapter founder and member of the Alpha pledge class. He spoke about the history of our chapter and how it’s grown and evolved. Then it was my turn to give my senior speech. It was an emotional and bittersweet moment. For my entire college career, DLP has been a integral part of my journey to accepting and loving myself, seeing that I am worthy and being my family and home. I decided to talk about that journey. In 4 years, I had seen the organization grow and evolve. I’ve seen brothers cross into pledgeship, then into brotherhood and then become Alumni of our organization. I’ve served as a 2-time Pledge Educator, Social Chair, and Sergeant-At-Arms. I’d been the head of my family line since Spring 2011. I’ve even had a pledge class named after me #SPR12 #Theta-Benion

My Pledge Brothers and I at our Initiation Ceremony! #Fall10 #Epsies

Now my time is done and I’m passing the torch on to others.

I’ve never been one to want acknowledgement for the things I do because I do these things out of love for my brothers and my organization. DLP has given me so much, I simply wanted to give back to it. After my speech, I got the biggest surprise of all: My brothers gave me THE LAMBDA MAN award for exhibiting all the values fit for a Brother of Delta Lambda Phi. This broke me down to tears. Every now and then, I think to myself why did I join a fraternity. It’s moments like these that answer that question for me. I joined a fraternity to make a difference, to be a part of something bigger, and to create a healthy network with some of the most amazing men on the planet. While my journey as an active brother of the Beta Rho Chapter of Delta Lambda Phi Social Fraternity may be done, my journey as an Alumnus of this great organization has just begun! I love my brothers! I love my chapter! I love my fraternity!

I, Ronnie Maurice Benion, am so proud to call myself a LAMBDA MAN!

Brothers Embracing Fellow Brothers, Strong a Circle We! Lambda Men! Lambda Men! The Best Fraternity!

The Lambda Man award & my Alumni pin!

4 thoughts on “Greekdom

  1. Hi Ronnie! Nice post! I saw your post is on DLP’s website- congrats! 🙂 I’m glad DLP was such a great experience for you and congrats on becoming an alumnus!

    1. Thanks! It’s been an amazing journey! I can’t wait to see what happens next! Maybe we’ll run into each other at convention or at Rutgers. I’m looking into the higher education Masters program there for fall 2015. 🙂

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