Ain’t It Fun

2014 has been interesting thus far. I completely changed plans, graduated from college, had the best possible summer job (OA), and now I’m in a period of transition. With this period of transition, I’ve began to reflect on a lot of things: the good things I’ve enjoyed and the fears I have moving forward.

The best thing that happened to me during college was that I gained roots. Roots are people who will be there for you no matter what. They will always have your back. Before college, I felt like a majority of my friends were there out of convenience. Like the idea of people coming into your life for a season. I’ve lost contact with a majority of the people I hung out with back then. However, during my undergrad experience I met some of the most amazing people ever. These people are some that I hope to never lose contact with. I’m going to group a few of them together: my mentors, fraternity brothers, and foamily! I am hoping to keep in contact with them for a long as I live. Now there are two people who are beyond special to me. Ironically I met both of them during my junior year (one in high school, the other in college).


The first person would have to be my best friend, Quan. We met in high school choir and were dubbed “RoQuan.” He is the dorkiest person I’ve ever met and I can’t help but love him. He’s my singing partner. From the very beginning, we had something special. While we do have a little competition with each other about who’s the better singer, our voices together are perfection. They work so well together. He is the Shay to my Dan (if you don’t know about Dan + Shay, look them up now). Friends have even said that it is so entertaining see us interact with one another. He is truly like a brother to me. Our friendship even served as inspiration for my monologue in Peers for Pride. We’ve know each other for 6 years and I can already tell we’re gonna be friends for at least another 50.

Tia and I

The second person is my other best friend, Tia. We met during RA training and became friends after an incident involving an iPad. There are very few people who you just connect with. We get each other on a deeper level and can have “REAL” conversation that go until the wee hours of the morning. It is a rare occurrence when I find someone that I can easily open up to and just be vulnerable. Funny, during our first year as RAs, we were pretty much a package deal. Even when I moved to a different staff our second year, we still hung out on a regular basis. We may have only known each other for two years but I never ever want to lose contact with her. My family has even taken a liking to her and we have to be really close for a person to meet my family.

In 4 days time, I will be boarding a plane and moving to Norfolk, Virginia. I’m moving in with my dad for the first time ever. I have absolutely no idea what to expect. I’ve never lived in a place where it snows. I only know two people in Virginia: my dad and stepmom. This leads to a major group of concerns. I have no idea how I’m going to make friends. My entire life making friends was easy because of school. I don’t have that luxury anymore. I’m an introvert. It takes a while for me to really open up and become comfortable with people I don’t know. It’s going to be an interesting experience. Additionally, I’m hoping that I can really make my room in the house my own. I’ve never actually had the opportunity to turn a room into a true reflection of me. Yeah, my last two years of college I had my own dorm room, but there are limitations to what all you can do to a dorm room. I want to be able to add posters and color and accents that is all me. A book shelf is a must for me because I love reading and plan on reading every night before bed. This transition is inspiring me to make some lifestyle changes that will be beneficial for me in the long run. I’m hoping to join a gym and workout regularly, eat healthier, and be a bit more active. I’m hoping to rid myself of the college sleep schedule and get on a regular one.

The end goal is that a year from now I’m in grad school. This will happen because I’m ready for it now. I’m going to do everything in my power to ensure that I’m in a program somewhere starting Fall 2015. Let the games begin. While I may not know what this next year may hold, I’m going to adapt and become a better me.


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