Making Changes

Change (in my opinion) is necessary for growth. It’s all about opening your mind and heart to things your aren’t used to. It takes breaking old habits and putting in the work to start new ones. It takes dedication and a whole lot of perseverance. I’m in the process of doing just that and it is not easy.

One change I’m in the process of making is this blog. When I first made this blog, it was meant to chronicle my journey into the world of student affairs from the grad school application process to grad school and hopefully beyond. However, at some point, it turned into my venting about things in my life that I’m pretty sure people don’t really care to read. While it may not have been what I wanted, it did serve its purpose in letting me get out everything I needed to get out to feel better and the support for everyone has been tremendous. But the change comes in that I’m going to veer away from using this blog as a diary and instead talk about things that may be relevant to the masses through my eyes. It will include tips, inspirational quotes, words of encouragement, and the things I love discussing all the while bridging the gaps between them and topics facing the world.

Another change is a personal one. Everyone has their set of image issues, whether it’s body image, style or perception. For me, it is my weight. When I look at pictures of myself, all I can think is how gross I look. It’s part of the reason I dislike having my picture taken unless I’m in a group or my stomach is covered. I look at pictures of male models or actors or singers and I tell myself their bodies are what I want. Well instead of doing what I usually do (say I want their bodies and then go and eat the fattiest food I can find) I’ve decided to put in the work to create the body I want. Why just talk about it? Wise words that I’ve heard over and over again:

If you don’t like something, change it.

I’m doing just that. It’s a process. Most people want to see results immediately in whatever they decide to change. Change happens over time and patience is key. I’ve only recently started this process, but I know it’s just that. I’ve learned that you can’t get discouraged when you don’t see those immediate results. In those moments, you have to focus on how you feel and your end goal.

Life is a process. It’s supposed to be hard and unfair. However when you achieve your goals, how do you expect to feel. Personally I expect to feel wonderful, but I also expect myself to keep setting goals. I believe you have to set long-term and short-term goals to be successful. You set your long-term goals and then your short-term goals in order to keep you on track. Say you want to run a marathon in 6 months. Your long-term goal is to run the marathon. However, your short-term goals could be to run a mile without stopping in 2 weeks. By making that short-term goal based on your long-term goal, you’re setting yourself up for success. HOWEVER don’t be discouraged if you don’t reach your short-term goal. Like I said, it’s a process. All you can do is learn from it and push on.

Embrace change and learn to be adaptable!

You’ll discover so much more about yourself and the world.


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