15 Random Facts about Ronnie

Hey everyone!

I’m a relatively random person. I do things only the way I would. I like what I like and don’t care who knows it. So I decided to share some random facts about me. I don’t know the source of all of of these things and I can’t really say I care. Take a peak into the inner workings of my brain. Here we go…

1) I was originally a twin. However, my twin passed away at birth. Apparently I knew something was missing for a good while according to my family, but it may explain why when I make real connections with people I try to hold onto them.

2) My favorite season is Fall/Autumn. I have never lived in a place with a real fall complete with changing leaves and festivals and so on. I hope to experience that at some point in my life. I do love fall fashion and the cooling weather.

3) In relation to #2, my favorite month of the year is October. I honestly don’t know why I love October, but I do. I like Halloween and dressing up. My fraternity was founded on October 15th! My chapter chartered October 2nd. I’m pretty sure my first pet will be named “October.”

4) Growing up, I wanted to be in a singing group. I grew up listening to Boyz II Men, K-Ci & JoJo, Jodeci, and Imx. I loved their harmonies and styling. I know now that I’m a little bit of a diva when it comes to the stage so a group may not be the best suit for me.

5) It’s hard for me to determine if I have a favorite genre of music. I grew up listening to R&B and Neo-soul. As I got older, I fell in love with pop music. Then I started venturing into everything from rock to folk to singer/songwriter to country (which is my new obsession).

6) Since I can’t determine a genre of music I lean more towards, it’s hard for me to describe my musical style. I think it takes a bit from a bunch of different genres. I had my best friend (and singing partner) describe it for me. He said: “I say it’s very traditional in the sense that you have some rich tones and good versatility.”

7) I also had him describe my voice in 5 words. He chose “dynamic, solid, milky, comforting and pleasing.” Whenever people ask whom I sound like, I can never say. I always have to say me. There are people I love and people I wish I could sound like, but at the end of the day my voice is 100% Ronnie.

8) I have 9 tattoos. I got my first tattoo at 16 and the rest between ages 19 and 22. In 2014 alone I got 5 tattoos. 3 of my tattoos I consider “geeky.” I got the Crest of Hope from Digimon tattooed on my right ankle, the Batman logo on my left collar and a wolf silhouette with the line “A Divine Move” from Teen Wolf on my right inner bicep.

Tattoo collage
6 of my tattoos

9) I love watching gay themed movies, especially the really cute ones. As awkward as some of them are, I find them adorable.

10) My element is water. No matter what quiz I take I’m always the water related thing. I’m a waterbender. My favorite type of pokemon are water pokemon. If I were a dragon, I’d be a sea dragon.

11) I love the rain. Rainy days are perfect in my opinion. The sound of the rain is soothing. On a rainy day, I just want to curl up with hot tea, a book or a movie, and relax.

12) I randomly watch youtube videos of old tv show theme songs! Everything from The Proud Family to Reba to Goof Troop to Power Rangers. My favorite power rangers theme was Power Rangers Lost Galaxy (In Space and Mighty Morphin tie for second).

13) I have played/owned one of every main series pokemon game since Gold and Silver. I have/had Gold, Crystal, Sapphire, Diamond, Platinum, SoulSilver, Black, Black 2, X and will be purchasing OmegaSapphire in November. During my first run through, I always start with the water pokemon.

14) I really enjoy cooler weather! I have lived in Louisiana and Texas for most of my life so it doesn’t get cold. However, I love fall/winter clothes. Scarves, cardigans, sweaters and boots are some of my favorite items of clothing.

15) I prefer Marvel to DC, however I love Batman! My favorite entity in the Marvel Universe is The X-Men! Marvel heroes are misfits. They aren’t always liked by the public yet they still protect the masses. DC characters have a sort of “God-complex.” They are worshipped. Few DC characters aren’t. Though I’m not the biggest DC fan, Smallville, Arrow, and The Flash are all amazing shows. And the DC Animated Universe films are so good and so not for children. I like the maturity in them a ton.

Well there you go. 15 random facts about me and the inner workings of my brain. If there is anything you ever want to know, feel free to ask. 🙂


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