Lying There: A Million Thoughts

It’s been over a week since I committed to Miami. It still feels surreal. So many people have been extremely supportive. This was 2 years in the making. I’ve started chatting with some of the members of my cohort and I already know that it is going to be an amazing two years.

This week I submitted my official acceptance, got my uniqueID and set up my email. I chose the LLCs I want to work with and have already started thinking of ideas for apartment decor and diy crafts. I have been waiting to decorate an apartment of my own since 2011! I will finally have the chance to make a place my own. Though I don’t know exactly where I’m living or what my apartment will look like at the moment, it’s still fun to think about. I guess I’m anxious and ready to start this new adventure. I move in a little less than 4 months so I guess I should savor these last few months. Time does seem to fly because April 15th is about 3 weeks away. At that point a bunch of new information will be available to me and a lot more excitement will be unleashed as well.

In addition to the excitement about Miami (glad I’m no longer keeping things hush hush), I have been obsessed with songs from musicals. While watching a Natalie Weiss vocal range video, I came across a clip of her singing the line “I can’t sleep. I don’t breathe. I can’t move…” while playing the piano. I was instantly captivated and need to find the full clip so I could learn which song it was. The song is called “Lying There” from the musical EDGES. I looked it up on iTunes so I could download it, and it’s not there. Only way to listen to it was through youtube. It’s such a gorgeous song. Then while watching The Vampire Diaries, Caroline sang “Still Hurting” from the musical The Last Five Years so I had to find videos of that. Lea Solanga does an amazing version of that. Last Weekend, March 14th, Daniel Quadrino (a broadway singer who I randomly came singing “Taking Chances” by Celine Dion and have been in love with his voice ever since) had a solo show so I’ve been obsessed with all of the songs he performed. His original song “Where To Begin” is absolutely gorgeous. These songs then lead me to listen to Alex Newell’s version of “I Know Where I’ve Been.”

Why are broadway and musical theater singers so good? Why are the songs so good? I think back to high school and ask myself why I never did a musical. I remember why and then I think about college. Once again, I never did a musical. Now that I’m out of school and will be going to grad school it seems like I’ll have to be that much more proactive if I want to do something like that. In all actuality, I would just love a collaborative show of singers singing songs from musicals. Essentially I miss performing. I would belt out every note of “I’m Here,” “Shadowland,” “Lying There,” and “I Am What I Am.” It would be amazing. I guess my thing about musicals is that the songs tell a clear story and there is feeling behind it. Yes, it happens with pop songs but not in the same sense.

I’m happy to know that several people in the SAHE program are musical so it will be fun to collar and jam. OMG, just had a great job: A SAHE Showcase where all the singers and instrumentalist put on a show for the rest of the cohorts. It would be so much fun seeing what everyone comes up with. So many ideas of things I want to do with my cohort are going through my head. A crafting party for apartment decor, movie nights, dinners, and so much more. My brain thinks a lot more that I speak.

Before I know it, my SAHE journey will be underway. I’m excited to take this step with some amazing people. Going to be a great two years!


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