Stories: Build Up to the Next Chapter

It feels like forever since I made a post. Time is truly flying and a lot has happened. I finally received information about who my advisor and SAHE buddy will be. My second years are absolutely amazing (and hilarious). I know the next two years will be amazing. 

As the time draws near to my move, I am realizing more and more that I made the perfect decision in terms of grad school. A friend of mine saw the video the second years made to welcome my cohort and said that the program really fits my personality. It took me a little while to process what that actually meant. But then I thought about my friends who are in or attending other programs. The idea of fit comes back into play. It’s like they belong and are meant to be in their respective programs.

Now my cohort is incredible. I already seeing us being more than just colleagues. We’re embarking on a journey together that will be unique and unlike the journey of any cohort who came before or will come after us. We’re a diverse group with different backgrounds, goals and stories. I am excited to meet those I haven’t met yet and get to know everyone’s stories. Speaking of stories, I’m also excited to hear the stories of the second years as well. The welcome video they made for us was hilarious. You definitely get a feel for their cohort.

My SAHE buddy is perf. When I found out who it was A.D. I laughed. I met A.D. last year via a google hangout with some NUFP/Student Affairs friends. I reached out to him again when I started to consider Miami and we had a google hangout to catch up and so I could learn more about the program. That convo solidified my want to apply to Miami. Flash forward to January and A.D. was the one who called me to let me know that I was invited to interview days. After all of this, to find out that he is my SAHE buddy and that I will be spending the next year getting to know him is like everything has come full circle. The person who confirmed Miami as a possibility is now the person who will be helping to guide me through my first year. So excited.

Another person who will be helping to guide me in the coming years is my advisor, M.D.S. When I was applying to Miami, I knew nothing about her. When I found out she was conducting my academic interview, I started to research and ask my friends who attended the interview weekend before mine about her. Everything I heard was extremely positive. When I walked into the interview, I felt extremely comfortable. It was unexpected. I wasn’t nervous or anxious. I was comfortable and the conversation just flowed. That became a highlight of the entire weekend for me. So as I anxiously awaited advisor assignments, I told myself that no matter who my advisor ended up being I was going to make an effort to get to know her better via classes and just interacting. M.D.S. had that kind of impact on me and we only spoke for 45 minutes. I can’t wait get to know her better and the brag to the prospective Fall 2016 cohort about how amazing she and the rest of the faculty are.

Less than two months until my journey is in full swing. Until then, I will be playing lots of video games, reading for fun, and catching up on my shows (only a month and 10 days until Teen Wolf and my birthday).

Until next time,



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