October Evening

Born at that ethereal moment when the sun was setting and the moon was rising, I was always told that I was different. The sole survivor of a set of twins, I couldn’t help but feel like something was missing, a purpose. My siblings would often tease me and say that I was adopted. I felt so out of place in my own family, I spent most of my time alone immersing myself into worlds of magic and fantasy. On my 21st birthday, I decided to leave the place I had once called home and explore the mysteries of the world on my own. 

One morning as I boarded the metro on my way to work, the world seemed to spiral out of control and sporadic images appeared before me. Monsters, magic, chaos, and a man who seemed to be calling out to me flashed before my eyes.

“Hey, are you ok?” The world became clear again. I opened my eyes to see a crowd of people encircling me. What happened? I started to get up when a hand grabbed my arm and helped me to a seat. “Are you ok?” The sound of the stranger’s voice bellowed in my ears with a familiar tone. Do I know this person? I looked over and the face of the man who appeared to me only moments ago peered back at me. I wanted to jump away but something wouldn’t let me. “I’m fine” seeped out of my mouth as I tried to slow down my racing heart. I remained there still as this stranger sat beside with a hint of worry in his eyes? “Do you need a doctor,” flowed into my ears. Who are you? “No, I think I’ll be fine. I just need to get to work. I think my stop is next.” I got up and prepared to exit the train. Something in me felt drawn to this stranger. The train stopped and I made my exit. Who is this man? Why do I feel like I know him? What happened to me back there? As I passed through entrance of the café, I felt a rush of energy surge through me and all of the lights in the began to flicker. That was weird. “This is going to be a long day.”

Throughout my shift weird things kept happening. Lights flickering, machines turning themselves on and off, milk bubbling before it even hit the steamer. I must have been out of it since the mishap on the train. When I left that evening, I thought the weirdness of the day would be over. I made my way back to the train ready for my commute. Just before I reached the terminal, something grabbed me from behind. When the haze lifted my eyes, a shadowy figure stood before me. “At last we finally meet.” His gravelly voice sent chills down my spine. “Are you prepared to claim your destiny.” What is this fool talking about? “You are the only one who can restore peace to Helios.” “Helios? What?” “The demon Socio has killed the king. He’s forced everyone to conform to archaic roles. Individuality is on the verge of extinction. Anyone who defies his rules is killed on sight.” My mind was in a whirlwind trying to figure out what was going on. Before I could ask any questions, the world went dark and I was back on the train.

That night, I dreamt of this magical place full of beautiful forests and rivers and people smiling. Suddenly, dark clouds rolled in. The beauty of this place began to fade. Screams, tears, looks of terror filled the air. I saw the man from the train running into this chamber. “October!” Who is this man? And why is he calling my name? How does he know my name? I jumped awake in a cold sweat to sound of glass shattering. I tried to turn on the lamp and saw the bulb was broken; its glass spewed all over the floor. Did I do that? What is going on with me? I made my way out of bed slowly trying to avoid the broken glass. “Ow,” I exclaimed. Blood trickled down my foot where a shard of glass had pierced the skin. I hobbled my way to the chair next to the dresser to examine the wound. Taking in a deep breath I pulled out the piece of glass. I reached for a Kleenex to try and clean up the blood and to my surprise the wound had healed. My heart began to race as I tried to wrap my head around everything that had been happening. The visions on the train; the weirdness at work; the mysterious encounter with that guy; and now this. I have to figure this out.


I boarded the train as usual hoping to run in the mystery man again. I need to find him. Maybe he will have answers. I must know why he is in my dreams and how he knows my name. I took my seat and waited. A half hour had passed and I began to lose hope. That is when I saw him. Sitting at the other end of the car reading an orange colored book. This is my chance. I just have to talk to him. Panic began to creep into my thoughts. What if he doesn’t know anything? What if he thinks I’m just some weird guy trying to hit on him? Am I trying to hit on him? I mean he is easy on the eyes with those muscular features, caramel skin and dark hair. What am I thinking? I need to just do it. I got up and walked to the other side of the train car. I sat down in the seat immediately to his right. You’ve come all this way, October. Now speak to him. “Hi. I’m October.” “Hi, I’m Adamo. Nice to meet you, October. Wait, aren’t you the guy who fainted the other day.” Just great. He remembers me, but he remembers my fainting. “Yeah, that was me. Speaking of that, I’ve been looking for you.”

A look of concern flashed across his face. He got up and prepared to exit the train. I quickly grabbed my things to follow him. “Wait. I really need to talk to you.” Adamo sped down the block with me chasing after him essentially. He made a sharp turn into an old antique shop. Once inside the shop, I came face to face with him. “I’ve been anticipating this moment my entire life, October.  I was hoping it would be under different circumstances, however. Anyways, this must mean that you’re finally coming into your magic.” “You knew what happened on the train that day. Who are you…really?” I began to back away when I realized that we were no longer in the antique shop. “I am Adamo de Castro. I am the heir apparent of Helios. The demon Socio killed my father and seized the throne. After my father’s death, I sought out the Wiseman, my father’s advisor, for guidance on how to end the desolation Socio has caused. He led me to you. Irony would have it that you are also the man prophesized to be my betrothed.” It seemed as if someone had pulled wool over my eyes. “I know this is a lot to take in, but you’re the saving grace for Helios. You are the only one that can save it.” Saving grace? BETROTHED…to a man? “Hold up. Now the saving grace and magic thing, I can kind of get behind because of all the weird stuff that have happened to me lately. But us being betrothed is preposterous. I am not attracted to men, even to one who can seemingly make women swoon with one flash of a smile.” Adamo’s smirked.

“October, you must come with me. We have to save our home.” “Home. I’m from New Orleans.” “Helios is your home too. What other reason would there be for you to have magic? Magic is not native to Earth. Come with me. The Wiseman is the only person who can help you learn to control your magic before catastrophe strikes.” “What do you mean by ‘catastrophe?’” “Magic left unchecked is dangerous AND once Socio has completely ridded Helios of its individuality, he will come for Earth’s.” Concern made its way to my face. Damn. What am I going to do? “You saw what Socio can and will do, didn’t you? Your face says it all. We have to act now otherwise Helios and Earth will be lost.” “I guess I have no choice. If he can do the things I saw, I can at least try.” Adamo smiled. Man, he really could make all the girls swoon with that smile. Wait? Am I swooning? “Take my hand and I’ll get us to the Wiseman.” I grabbed his hand and sparks began to fly. A feeling of pure light filled my heart. I closed my eyes and we disappeared.


The Wiseman’s cottage was a quaint little place on the edge of a cliff looking over a large body of water. The Wiseman, however, was not the kind of person I’d expect to live in such a cute place. He was 7 feet tall, wearing a dark gray cloak. His skin was like leather and his voice gravelly. I know that voice. He must be the one who grabbed me that day. “We meet again, October. I was wondering when you would find the young prince and make your way here.” “Wiseman, he doesn’t have control of his magic. You have to help him if he is to beat Socio.” “It takes years to fully control one’s magic.” Years? I don’t have that kind of time. I don’t want to be here for years. “Sir, is there any way I can get a crash course in magic? The sooner I can get this over with, the sooner I can get back to my normal life.” “October, this is your life now. Magic is a part of who you are. After this, you won’t be able to turn your back on it. It will always find its way back to you.” Oh boy. “We’ll see how things progress. Your training young man starts at dawn.” What did I get myself into?

The day started off with me trying to start a fire. It was a simple task or so I thought. If I could subconsciously shatter a light bulb, then how hard could it be to light a fire. After a few hours of trying, I had every urge to give up. Adamo had been out all day doing some training of his own. When he approached the cottage again, he was shirtless and sweaty. Wow. The fire ignited with flames climbing ten feet in the air. “Finally!” “It seems like you’re more powerful than we thought.” “Young prince, it only took our friend here five hours to light a flame. It wasn’t until your return that we seemed to make any progress.” “Wiseman, either way he is at least making progress.” “Well, we shall see if he can do it again. Control takes practice. Luck won’t help him against the powers of Socio.” The Wiseman put out the fire and sent me to get another batch of firewood. Upon my return, the prince was gone again. I tried and I tried but without any luck I couldn’t light the fire. What’s going on? Why can’t I do this? I did it perfectly fine earlier. Adamo returned and once again the fire was ablaze. “Splendid. He did it again.” “Prince Adamo, despite many attempts, October only complete the task when…when you arrived. Just as it happened earlier today.” “What do you mean, Wiseman.” “He means that for some reason you are the trigger of my magic.” “It seems that you two really are intertwined.”

“Intertwined? So this is the man in the young prince’s prophecy? How romantic?” A smooth, almost cat like voice said. Adamo, the Wiseman and I all turned in the direction of the voice. A man dressed in a suit stood before us surrounded by shadows. Adamo’s hands began to spark and the Wiseman prepped his staff for battle. “Do you two really think you can stop me? Prince Adamo, you know that you are no match for me.” A bolt of energy surged from Adamo hand aimed at the mysterious figured. With a wave of his hand, the man sent both Adamo and the Wiseman soaring through the air. “Who are you and what do you want?” “Who are you to ask questions of me? I am Socio, ruler of Helios and I want them out of my way.” Socio! A burst of energy surged through me and lightning struck where Socio had stood. A villainous laugh filled my ears. “You expect that to hurt me.” A cold hand grabbed my neck and lifted me off the ground. “Simpleton, who are you to think you can challenge me.” Suddenly a light flashed between us and images shown before my eyes. The miracle birth of a baby to a young mother; the father abandoning her. A feeling of sorrow washed over me. It feels like I know these people. That baby is me and the father…Oh No! Socio dropped me. “What did you do boy? How did you tap into my past?” Adamo slowly got up. “What does he mean ‘tapped into my past?’” “If what I saw was truly a forgotten memory, Socio is my father.” An expression of shock embraced Adamo’s face. Socio’s eyes glowed red and then he disappeared. Silence filled the air.

“So that’s why you are the only one that can stop him,” said the Wiseman. “The offspring of our enemy is the one who can end his reign of tyranny.” Adamo had not looked at me since the fight earlier. He refused to even be in a room with me after finding out who my father was. When I finally got him alone, I tried to get him to look at me. “Adamo, what’s wrong? Why won’t you look at me? “I just found out that the man I am prophesized to spend my life with is the son of the man who killed my father. That is what’s wrong.” “So you are holding who my father is against me. I just found out that piece of knowledge myself.” Why am I so hurt that he is upset with me? Why do I care? “Adamo, look at me. I am not my father. I want to stop him and return Helios to what it is supposed to be. The one I saw in my dreams. That place was beautiful and truly magical. This place is the opposite of that.” “If you are not your father, then I want you to prove it. End him.” He wants to me end Socio. He wants revenge. He looked at me finally before he walked past me. I grabbed his hand and pulled him close to me. Our lips met and a sense of euphoria filled me. It was as if a chain had linked my heart with his. Whoa. Why did I kiss him? I don’t know but it feels so right. I opened my eyes and we were floating in the air. Upon that realization, we slowly began to descend back to the ground. “October, I fell for you the first time I laid eyes on you. Prophecy or no prophecy, I want you.” I think I want you too! “However, I don’t know if I can be with you and not see Socio.”


A few days passed and I continued to practice my magic. Last time against Socio was luck. I couldn’t rely on that to save me again. Next time, Adamo could really get hurt. Concern for Adamo. I guess I can’t fight the idea of me having feelings for him anymore. I did kiss him. Adamo continued to avoid me. “You are progressing well, October. Far more rapidly than I had anticipated, even without the prince being around.” Thanks Wiseman. Cheap shot to my heart. “Is it fast enough to defeat Socio?” “Maybe in another few days. You are powerful, but more practice will be required.” My world became dim and a vision began. It was of Adamo; he was engrossed in battle with Socio. The next image was of him battered and bloody. Oh no. Why would he do that. He knows he can’t beat him. The images faded and I looked at the Wiseman. “Adamo went to challenge Socio and he is badly hurt. I don’t have a few days to get better at magic. I have to go now otherwise he is dead.” “October, you can be killed if you go in unprepared.” “Wiseman, I have to try. I have faith in all that you’ve taught me and I have faith in my magic. I can do this. You got to believe in me.” “I do. You can set out tomorrow.” “I must go now.” “You won’t be of help to anyone now. It’s late and you’re tired. Socio will want to make a spectacle of the prince’s death. It will show his true power.” I sighed, but knew that he was right. Tonight, I’ll rest but tomorrow I am going to defeat my father.

As the sun rose, I set out for the village. I will save you, Adamo. I promise. Half a day’s ride later, I arrived at the village. The villagers were filled with gloomed. Everyone looked and dressed and acted the same. There was no individuality left in them. The spark that made them magical had been taken away. I can’t let Socio get away with this. The people of Helios are supposed to be full of magic and personality. This is not that. I made my way to the village square when I saw him, Adamo, strapped to a wooden pole. Crowds of villagers flocked to see the prince. Then I saw Socio. “People of Helios. Behold your prince…haha or what’s left of him. Say goodbye for I am the External King!” “NO!” My body filled with rage. The sky opened up and lightning began to strike in the village square scattering the villagers. “Oh. If it isn’t the prince’s young lover and my bastard son.” I focused my energy and aimed lightning right for Socio. He moved at the last second. I ran towards Adamo only to be tossed away with a flick of Socio’s wrist. “You touch him again and I will end you.” “So it’s true. You do love him. Prophecies are full of it, but I guess this one was true. I’ll have fun ripping out his little heart in front of you.” “Bastard!” I screamed and Socio went flying through the air. Lightning continued to strike as I aimed for him missing slightly every time.

I finally made my way to Adamo and untied him. Stay with me. Please just open your eyes. His eyes opened and he smiled before screaming “Look out.” A blast of fire hit me in the back scorching my jacket. I threw it off and continued to protect Adamo. “If you want him, you have to go through me. And I won’t me it easy.”  “Make it easy. I haven’t even started to try.” That villainous laugh really started to irk me. Rage once again filled my body. I began to glow. I lifted my hands and Socio began to float with it. “You have ruined enough lives and you’re trying to kill my boyfriend. What do you know about anything good and decent? I am done with you.” For the first time, remorse filled Socio eyes. I took a deep breath and the sky grew darker and darker. Thunder roared. I looked at Adamo and smiled. I turned back to Socio. The wind picked up, whirling Socio inside a tornado. Lightning struck him inside the tornado again and again. “Never again will you hurt another soul.” Adamo grabbed my hand and said enough. I took another deep breath and everything subsided. I hugged him and began to cry. “You should have killed me when you had the chance!” Socio sent a flurry of fireballs aimed at myself and Adamo. We prepped for impact when they suddenly stopped. The chains that connected us had formed a barrier against the attack.

Holding on to each other, I felt yet another burst of energy. I know how to stop him without killing him. I turned to face my father. “Your magic has done nothing but harm others. You’ve taken the spark from everyone else so how about you lose the thing that makes you all powerful.” I closed my eyes and waved my hand. Visions of the past flashed in my eyes. Socio’s thirst for vengeance and his rise to power. I felt sorry for him. The spark inside him started to dim and eventually went out. “It’s done. You cannot hurt anyone else ever again.” “Haha. You talk a good game.” Socio tried to attack again, but nothing happened. “What’s happening? What did you do?” “I took away your magic. It is what corrupted you in the first place.” “No, you can’t do this to me. I am the king of Helios.”


“So I’m your boyfriend now,” Adamo said with a smirk. I couldn’t help but smile. “Yeah about that. I can’t help but feel drawn to you. I have never felt about anyone they way I feel for you. The prophecy did say that we are supposed to be together.” He kissed me and said “I guess you can be my boyfriend, even if your father was a power hungry tyrant.” “I still don’t know what this means, but I’m down to figure it out with you. I never would have imagined falling in love with another guy let alone a prince.” “Well this is no fairy tale and we are far from a happy ending, but I am happy to say that I am in love with you October.” He loves me. Oddly enough, I think I love him too. I kissed him again. “Let’s go and get you back on your throne King de Castro.” He smiled. “Only if you will join me in the castle, Mr…I never got your last name.” “Evening. My full name is October Evening.” “Lovely. Well only if you join me in the castle, Mr. Evening.”


So there it is, the story of how I discovered parts me I never would have imagined existed. Everyday I am learning something new about this world, about myself, and about the life I hope to live. I may not have all the answers, but I look forward to figuring it all out. And it doesn’t hurt to have a hunky prince…well king by my side.

The End


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