Thoughts: Love, Relationships, Future

Most people who know me (and I mean really know me) know that I am a hopeless romantic. My perfect date involves a picnic in the afternoon on a Saturday. That way if the date goes well, we can essentially spend the day together. I love the thought of happy and healthy relationship. My heart melts when I see happy couples. You know those couples who exude love from every fiber of their being. I want that one day. Relationships are work and I even look forward to the bad times.

Over this break, I have had conversations about the prospects of love, marriage and children. As much as I say I don’t like kids, I truly am excited to one day be a parent. It’s amazing and scary to think about it. I also think about the potential partner with whom I will share my life and the family we will have together. It’s all speculation, but I hope to one day find the person I can see myself spending the rest of my life with. A number of people I know have gotten engaged recently and it pulls at my heartstrings every time. It’s pure bliss for me to see their love and happiness. I can’t even be jealous; I only have excitement for them.

After reading Something Like Summer & Something Like Winter and seeing Ben & Tim’s relationship from both of their perspectives, it’s made me love love even more. Their love was addictive and passionate. Each of them grew a lot from it and the respective ups & downs of their relationship. I am also reminded of the videos Buzzfeed produced about when hookup become something more and when relationships become official. Those videos really pulled at my heart because it was real. I know I want my relationships to mean something. I want to have a relationship that is full of love, respect and passion. I want to be in a relationship with my complement.

In terms of future marriage and children, I find couples (especially same sex couples) with kids to have beautiful families (#LifeGoals). I think of the video Matt Dallas & Blue Hamilton released to introduce the world to their newly adopted son, Crow. It was beautiful and I can’t wait to have that. I think I will make a great parent and I know my children will be world. In the past, I have gone on an engagement video binge. Don’t ask me why or how I got on that kick. Love is beautiful. No matter a person’s outward appearance, they are deserving of love. I look forward to the day I say “I do” and have my own family. Now this is a long ways off but it’s fun to think about and fantasize about. I don’t expect it to happen tomorrow as no one should. I don’t expect it to go a certain way or follow a certain order. Life happens and things change. I just look forward to falling in love with the person of my dreams; the person who complements me.

These are my random musings about love, relationships, families and my future. Thanks for reading. And I high encourage you to check out the Something Like Series by Jay Bell. They are some spectacular books.


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