Where the Story Goes

I am attempting to write a novel. I have never written anything long form so I am just hoping to make this work. I am so used to writing short stories with a complete arc within 5-10 pages that I thought writing anything longer would be extremely difficult. 

However, it seems like this is going by pretty quickly. Chapter 1 is complete and chapter 2 has just begun. I initially had one idea of where I thought the story would go: I thought it would turn into a fantasy story complete with magic, lots of peril, mystical lands, etc. Once I began and got to know my characters a little bit, I knew that the fantasy route was out the door.

A little background about the story:

In the beginning you meet the story’s protagonist: August, a 16-year-old Black gay male who is full of sass. You also meet his three best friends: Ryan the athlete, Jay the musician, and Angel the pretty boy. The three are there for each other through thick and thin and always have each  others backs. August lives with his mom, an overprotective sassy single parent who’s trying to do the best she can raising her son.

Other characters you meet are the high school principal, Principal Chambers, an Anti-gay fantastic who a hidden agenda; Mr. Washington, the algebra 2 teach who takes pleasure in embarrassing his students and Emilio, August’s love interest.

These are the things that I know. I also know that something traumatic will happen to August that will have implications on his relationships and the rest of his life. What that traumatic event will be is still unknown. I know that the story will span at least a decade so that we can see how August grows and matures and deals with whatever happens to him. There is a lot that I still don’t know but I’m excited to discover it. A lot of people say have an idea of what your story will be or have an outline written. I can’t write that way. I like to let the story write itself because the characters drive the story and I like to discover things as they do.

I don’t know where the story will go nor do I have a title but the writing process is bringing me joy.


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