Grad School: Round 2

Tomorrow is my last day of my summer internship at Salem State University. It feels like I just got here and I’m already packing up my things to return to Oxford for Round 2 of this grad school journey. Recently, my cohort mates and I gather photos and create videos welcoming the first year cohort to Miami and SAHE. The process of creating the video brought me back to last year when my 2nd years (SAHE ’16) made a video welcoming us (SAHE ’17) to the SAHE community. It feels great to give back and continue the tradition.

In a lot of ways, I feel like it’s last summer all over again. I’m just as excited and nervous for what this year will bring. I’m moving into a new building, will have a different staff, will be both a SAHE and an ORL buddy to two 1st year grads, and I will be in the company of new friends. This year is going to be full of new experiences both personally and professionally. There are new RDs and new grads. I’ll have a new practicum supervisor. I will be job searching in the spring semester as well as attending a national placement exchange. I’m planning on traveling a bit more. I’m trying to be healthier and overall more active.

Something else I experienced this summer is that I genuinely missed my cohort and Oxford. My first year had its bumps, its rough patches and its times when I wanted to quit. I wanted to get as far away from Oxford as I possibly could. But in looking back at pictures and the memories I made, my first year was awesome. I made some awesome friends, grew a ton and learned so much. And while I may not be the closest with all of my cohort mates, I genuinely missed them all and appreciate all they bring to my experience. I can’t imagine not being on this journey with them. Oxford even feels like home. I missed to food, the fact that everything was in walking distance (pretty much), and seeing certain people on a nearly daily basis.

And while I’m excited to get back to Oxford, I will miss Salem as well. I’ve made some great friends, awesome connections and had an awesome student staff who I will miss. It’s weird that I have this internship for only 8 weeks and I feel so connected. I love being by the ocean and just have had an overall great experience. I only hope that as I leave and move towards starting my full-time career that I take everything I learned last year, this summer and in the upcoming year with me.

I’m a 2nd year! It’s surreal but I’m ready for this adventure!


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