Something Broke

TW: Graphic imagery (written) Something broke in me today. The past three days have been really rough for me. I keep thinking about all the victims in Orlando. I keep thinking about how under different circumstances I could have been one of the them. All of Sunday and Monday, I felt like there was this … More Something Broke


This morning I woke ready for a chill day. I opened up my social media only to be shocked and astonished by the news of the Orlando shooting. Over 50 people are dead and lots more are injured because a guy decided to open fire and murder LGBTQ individuals in a place that was supposed … More #OnePulse

Be Your Own Anchor

Yesterday, I got my 13th tattoo. I am a firm believer that all of my tattoos should mean something. For me, the phrase “be your own anchor” mean a lot. It comes from one of my favorite shows, MTV’s Teen Wolf. In the Season 3B premiere episode “Anchors”, Melissa McCall, mother of the protagonist Scott, … More Be Your Own Anchor