A poem about finding your place and your people Sometimes I feel like a dandelion seed Floating across the air It seems like everything is easy and free Dancing along the breeze But it’s hard to be a dandelion seed The wind blows me to and fro I keep flying somewhere new When all I … More Dandelion

Where the Story Goes

I am attempting to write a novel. I have never written anything long form so I am just hoping to make this work. I am so used to writing short stories with a complete arc within 5-10 pages that I thought writing anything longer would be extremely difficult. 

October Evening

Born at that ethereal moment when the sun was setting and the moon was rising, I was always told that I was different. The sole survivor of a set of twins, I couldn’t help but feel like something was missing, a purpose. My siblings would often tease me and say that I was adopted. I … More October Evening

Head vs. Heart

“Everyone remain calm and exit the building as quickly as possible,” my fellow RA’s and I tell our residents. “Get as far away from the building as you can.” Another routine fire drill, but this time I noticed something different. Tall, dark haired, and with a smile that could make even Lucifer himself say Hallelujah.  I … More Head vs. Heart

Thunder’s Roar

Thunder roared. “Murderer,” screamed Angel. Breyden slowly crept away from his victim inching closer and closer to the door. His clothes drenched in blood. He stared at the result of his actions, of his rage. “What have I done?” thought Breyden. “I didn’t mean to…it wasn’t supposed to happen like this.” His body began to twitch … More Thunder’s Roar